Are Tiny Homes Legal in Wyoming?


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Tiny homes have gained popularity in recent years as a means to downsize and live a more sustainable lifestyle. In Wyoming, a state known for its natural beauty, tiny homes can be a perfect fit for those seeking to embrace tiny home living. However, specific regulations and laws still apply. In this article, we will outline the legality and requirements for tiny homes in Wyoming.

Key Points

Legal StatusLegal with some regulations
Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs)Classified as trailers, allowed in R-6 zoning district
International Residential Code (IRC)Includes Appendix Q for tiny homes on foundation
Zoning LawsVary by city and county
Log Cabin RuleDoes not protect tiny houses on wheels
RecommendationResearch specific zoning and building regulations
Summary of laws for Tiny Homes in Wyoming

Tiny Houses on Wheels

Tiny House Made Easy™

Tiny houses on wheels are classified as trailers in Wyoming and can only be placed in an R-6 (Manufactured Home (Mobile) Park) zoning district. These houses must be certified according to HUD codes through a HUD-certified inspector. Therefore, it’s crucial to research specific zoning and building regulations in the desired town or city. It’s worth noting that the Log Cabin Rule does not protect tiny houses on wheels in Wyoming.

Tiny Houses on Foundations

In 2018, the International Residential Code (IRC) added Appendix Q, which specifically defines a tiny house on a foundation. This regulation applies to tiny houses in Wyoming and makes them legal, subject to local zoning and building laws.

Zoning Laws and Recommendations

Wyoming does not have a statewide law for tiny homes. As a result, it’s essential to research specific zoning and building regulations in the town or city where you plan to build your tiny home. For example, in the City of Cody, tiny houses on wheels are referred to as recreational units (RVs) and are not permitted to be used as accessory dwelling units.


While tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular in many U.S. states, including Wyoming, they are subject to various local regulations and requirements. Tiny houses on wheels are considered trailers under Wyoming law and can only be placed in an R-6 (Manufactured Home (Mobile) Park) zoning district. To ensure that your tiny home complies with local laws, it’s essential to research zoning and building regulations in the desired location. By following these guidelines and understanding the legal framework, you can fully enjoy the benefits and natural beauty that Wyoming has to offer while living in a tiny home.