Are Tiny Homes Legal in South Carolina?

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AspectTiny Houses on FoundationsTiny Houses on Wheels
ClassificationPermanent residencesRecreational Vehicles (RVs) or Mobile Homes
Building CodesInternational Residential Code (IRC) R304.1RV or Mobile Home regulations
Minimum Size70 sq. ft. for habitable rooms (excluding kitchens), 7 ft. in any horizontal directionVaries by RV or Mobile Home regulations
Ceiling HeightMinimum 7 ft. for habitable spaces, 6 ft. 8 in. for bathroomsVaries by RV or Mobile Home regulations
Maximum Size900 sq. ft.Up to 400 sq. ft.
Allowed LocationsDepends on county zoning ordinances and building codesDepends on county zoning ordinances and building codes

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Please note that the information in this table serves as a general guide and may vary depending on specific county rules and regulations. Always consult with your local authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date details.


Tiny House Made Easy™

Tiny homes are legal in South Carolina, but local definitions and regulations that dictate where they are allowed vary. Here are some details on tiny home rules and regulations in South Carolina:

South Carolina’s Tiny House Laws

South Carolina’s tiny house laws are among the most lenient in the U.S., allowing tiny house builders more flexibility in construction and placement.

Accepted Locations for Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are accepted in many places in South Carolina, including Aiken County, Horry County, Beaufort, Greenwood County, Spartanburg County, the City of West Columbia, and Charleston.

Specific County Requirements

Spartanburg County requires that all habitable rooms except kitchens must be at least 70 sq. ft. and no habitable room except kitchen shall be less than 7 feet in any horizontal direction.

Registration and Land Ownership

South Carolina Tiny House Laws state that tiny houses can be registered as RVs or mobile homes, and you ought to own your private land for this house to live on.

Local Restrictions

Some areas in South Carolina, particularly Aiken and Horry County, are allowing tiny houses with restrictions on where they can be placed.

Greenville County Tiny Home Ordinance

Greenville County has a tiny home ordinance that includes provisions for regulations of tiny homes.

In conclusion, tiny homes are generally legal in South Carolina. However, their legality depends on local zoning ordinances, building codes, and the type of tiny house. Always consult with local authorities and professionals to ensure your tiny house meets legal requirements.