The Ultimate Guide to Tiny Home Locations in the U.S

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Are you looking to join the tiny house movement? This growing trend towards simpler living focuses on reducing clutter, cost, and environmental footprint while enhancing experiences and personal connections. The first step in this journey is selecting the perfect location for your tiny home. In this guide, we will explore some of the best and worst states for tiny homes in the U.S.

Tiny House Made Easy™

The main criteria is whether or not tiny homes laws and legislation is easy and simple.

StateAverage Tiny Home CostTiny Home-Friendly CitiesNoteworthy Pros/Cons
1California$74,917Los Angeles, San FranciscoMost popular, but also most expensive
2Georgia$45,000Atlanta, AugustaBlue Ridge Mountains for nature lovers
3North Carolina$50,000Asheville, Raleigh, Carolina BeachRelaxed regulations
4Texas$40,000Austin, HoustonLow cost of living, ample land
5Nebraska$34,000Lincoln, OmahaMost affordable
A Quick Summary of the best Tiny Home States

The Top 5 Tiny Home States

1. California

One of the most popular states for tiny living is California. The Golden State boasts a large number of builders specializing in constructing fully functional tiny homes. However, keep in mind that California is also among the more expensive states for tiny homes, with an average cost of around $74,917.

2. Georgia

Georgia is another excellent state for tiny house living, particularly in and around Atlanta. If you are a nature lover, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia provide some of the most picturesque landscapes for tiny home living.

3. North Carolina

North Carolina is an attractive state for tiny home enthusiasts, with several cities relaxing regulations in response to the growing tiny-house movement. Some of the top spots in North Carolina include Asheville, the Blue Ridge or Smoky Mountains, Raleigh, and Carolina Beach.

4. Texas

Texas, with its relatively low cost of living and ample land availability, is a popular destination for tiny home builders. However, be sure to familiarize yourself with the local construction-specific regulations of your target area.

5. Nebraska

If affordability is your main concern, look no further than Nebraska. The Cornhusker State boasts one of the most affordable average costs for a tiny home, around $34,000.

Note: Florida, Oregon, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Kentucky also offer great options for tiny home living. But remember, regulations can vary widely by state and even by city, so it’s essential to research the specific regulations in your chosen location before building or buying a tiny home.

States to Avoid for Tiny Homes

1. New York

At the other end of the spectrum, New York is one of the least tiny house friendly states in America. The state has mostly outlawed tiny house living as a permanent living situation, meaning you can only use them for temporary or emergency purposes.

2. Rhode Island

Rhode Island imposes strict guidelines on tiny homes, including specific requirements for unit size, door dimensions, and land use, making it one of the least friendly states for tiny home owners.

3. Arkansas

Arkansas’s stringent zoning regulations can make it challenging to find a suitable location to park your tiny home, putting it on the list of states to avoid.

4. Connecticut

Connecticut also falls into the less favorable category due to its strict regulations on dwelling unit sizes, which makes it challenging to build a tiny home there.

Again, bear in mind that regulations regarding tiny homes can vary greatly by state and even by city. Always conduct thorough research on the specific rules and regulations in your desired location before deciding to build or buy a tiny home.

Living in a tiny home can provide an exciting, liberating lifestyle change. However, choosing the right location is vital to ensure you can enjoy this unique way of life fully. Here’s to finding your perfect tiny home location and starting your new adventure!






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