Tiny Home Costs in Hawaii

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Type of Tiny HomeStarting or Average Cost
Average Cost Tiny House in US$52,000
Average Cost Tiny House in Hawaii$150,000
AAA Tiny Homes$55,000
Hawaii Tiny House Initiative$30,000
Tiny House Made Easy™

The cost of tiny homes in Hawaii can vary significantly, with prices ranging from $30,000 to nearly $150,000. This cost can be influenced by several factors such as location, materials used, and other factors.

Breakdown of Tiny Home Costs

Cost of Different Types of Tiny Homes in Hawaii
  • Average Cost Tiny House in US is around $52,000
  • Average Cost Tiny House in Hawaii is nearly twice as expensive as the second most expensive state for tiny homes, at nearly $150,000
  • AAA Tiny Homes offers several quality tiny houses for around $50-60k delivered and installed in Hawaii
  • Hawaii Tiny House Initiative was started to help farm workers on Hawaii Island find places to live. The County rules say that on farms, small houses with a living area, kitchen and bathroom that are at least 220 square feet are allowed. Before construction begins, residents must pay a deposit of $30,000, and the remaining amount can be paid after the home is built

It’s important to note that the cost per square foot can range from $223 to $575. Also, the cost of a tiny home in Hawaii can range from $30,000 to nearly $150,000, depending on various factors. However, AAA Tiny Homes offers several quality tiny houses for around $50-60k delivered and installed in Hawaii.